Abidance Consulting's professionals have provided BASEL II, FISMA, HIPAA, NERC, PCI & SOX compliance services. Abidance Consulting professionals have been preparing our clients’ compliance programs and initiatives since 2001.

Abidance Consulting’s professionals understand the ever-changing compliance regulations and requirements environment and as suchAbidance Consulting uses our real-world experience and technical know-how to provide advice and ideas on complex compliance issues. This begins with our ability to think beyond the present and anticipate the potential long and short-term consequences of an action. In addition, we apply our in-depth industry knowledge, take the time to consider the various obstacles to change; and through our collaborative, network approach, help clients implement decisions that can deliver real value to their businesses.

Abidance Consulting offers the following services:


Abidance Consulting’s compliance professionals have participated in tens of dozens of audits with NOT A SINGLE MONETARY PENALTY EVER BEING LEVIED. The Abidance Consulting mock audit exactingly replicates an actual audit regardless if it is a HIPAA, NERC, SOX or PCI audit. The mock audit comes complete with the data,evidence reviews and comments as well as the onsite/offsite look and feel of an actual audit.

At the end of the mock audit you will be provided with a final report showing your strong and weak areas as well as a corrective action plan for fixing the problem areas.


Similar to a mock audit, the Gap Analysis looks at your compliance program. Instead of digging deep into your compliance program, the Gap Analysis uses an interview style approachbyasking questions of your management personnel and staff and then taking all of your comments and answers to the questions to build a remediation plan. Once the remediation plan is completed it is suggested that a mock audit be performed within a few months to ensure your program can stand up to the demands of your remediation plan.


Abidance Consulting’s Managed Services Program takes the time consuming hassle of Compliance out of your employee’s hands and makes sure your company is constantly in compliance with the appropriateregulations and requirements (BASEL II, FISMA, HIPAA, NERC, PCI and/or SOX). This service frees up your employees to handle the day to day work of your companyinstead of them constantly filling out the numerous and time consuming forms and reports required to maintain compliance.

Abidance Consulting is more than capable of assisting any organization to gain and/or maintain its compliance requirements using cost effective methods.


Abidance Consulting has added a new, state of the art, drone program to our broad list of services to our NERC clients. Our drone program has received the coveted FAA Waiver for commercial use and we can offer clients a piloted as well as a non-piloted drone program. By using our Inspire-1 drones from DJI, we are able to offer one of the finest drone programs available in the utility sector.

Utilizing drones to complete your NERC compliance initiatives to include CIP, Vegetation Management, Transmission Line Inspections & Surveys, Insulator Inspections etc, will not only save you time...and lots of will also save money…and lots of it.

A drone can inspect roughly 70 Wind Turbine towers a day, being able to fly at 50+ mph into a 30mph head-wind at heights of up to 14,000 feet and up to 1.5 miles away will allow for line inspections, substation inspections that were once dangerous to get to due to rough terrain.

Monitoring natural disaster conditions such as wildfires to determine which lines or substations are in danger is made much safer with the use of a drone. There are so many uses for a drone that we can’t list them all here.

For more information and pricing about our drone piloted and non-piloted programs please contact James Holler at 713.253.8820.